Our Story

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    From the pages of Ms. Usha Marphew’s Diary

    As a fashion enthusiast, I always wanted to give people an easy access to fashion and style. Coming from a small town, a dream like this seemed quite far-fetched. Working continuously from a younger age, I finally grew financially strong to make my dream come true.

    My goal is to create a lifestyle brand, a one stop solution for women to shop to their heart’s content without the fear of being judged, or being too shy to express their feelings.

    I aim to set up stores over the whole country, starting with Kolkata, focusing largely on North-East states, that have a dearth of proper lifestyle stores especially a lingerie store.

    Why a Lingerie Store?

    I believe, a woman feels good when she is in well-fitting clothes, but feels the sexiest when she is wearing the best-fitting lingerie. However, finding the right fit is often difficult because of the size variation. At Uzims Fashion, you can will find lingerie that is fit for the Indian body.

    Another driving force behind my decision was to resolve the discomfort women find, when going out to purchase lingerie. Most innerwear stores in India are operated by men, which makes it difficult for women to open up and speak of their choices. My aim is to make the buying process easier for women. I want them to feel free, when entering the store or browsing through the options, and choose what they desire!

    The foundation of Uzims Fashion

    For me, Uzims Fashion is not just a brand, but a representation of women empowerment, the freedom to express themselves without inhibitions.

    Uzims Fashion is here to offer the best clothing specially lingerie that’s comfortable yet stylish and available in the perfect size. To not only give your clothes the best fitting but also to give you the confidence you deserve

    I am here to make it true for all you ladies.